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At The Wrestling Coach’s Academy host programs in Butler and Morristown, New Jersey. At our Academy programs we strive to be different than the typical wrestling club by providing a caring, and positive environment with a small group focus. While at most wrestling clubs you will find massive practices with one coach to tons of kids, at TWCA we do small groups training 90% of the time. With a larger club practice or match night with more kids only 10% of the time. We are different because in the traditional large group environment it is hard to pay attention to details. Our Academy is a Private Academy and our focus is on small groups, personal instruction and high performance individual outcomes. For example, we start with character development and focus on building the athletes athleticism from the ground up as we build foundational body control so that kids can safely and confidently complete moves and techniques. 

You will find that we care about the progress of each student we bring into the sport. Therefore, with 25 years of professional coaching experience we specialize in every level of student athlete; the first day 4 year old is as welcome as a UFC or Olympic star. Above all, our entire program is designed to help students excel by focusing on their individual needs and for your son or daughter to have a positive experience and to become a positive young adult while reaching their athletic and academic goals. 

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Upcoming Events for Elementary, Middle School & High School Wrestlers

The Wrestling Coach in Butler New Jersey

Elementary & Middle School


Tots: 2.5-5 yo


Butler, NJ 

Check our online schedule.


Beginner: 4-10 yo

Butler, NJ

Check our online schedule. 

 Morristown, NJ 

Spring Schedule will come out in February.


Competitive Wrestler: 

7-13 yo

Butler, NJ

Check our online schedule.


Membership pricing is hereDrop in is only allowed for past members.

Text 973-283-5384 to check on space for your wrestlers skill level.

Wrestling facility rental in New Jersey shows a wrestling team practicing

High School


Jr Varsity or Varsity Wrestler: 11-19 yo

Butler, NJ

Check our online schedule. 


State or National Level Wrestler: 13-19 yo

Butler, NJ

Check our online schedule


Membership pricing here.  

Drop in is only allowed for past members.

Level 3 & Level 4 are currently full.

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Morristown Location



Level 1

Spring Registration will open in February 2024.

Morristown is limited to 16 wrestlers.

Clinic series is hosted at Rush Mixed Martial Arts in Downtown Morristown.

Watching film for wrestling and why its important

Wrestling Summer Camps 2023

Summer 2024 Day Camp and Sleep Away Camp details are linked on the button below.

Scholarships are available please message us for the financial aid application.

Top Reasons to get your children Started

Read below to find out what separates us from other youth sports and wrestling clubs. We are a Private Academy.

We are serious about Developing your Child for life

Coach Jeff has trained, mentored and been there to guide wrestlers from their first day in his wrestling practices to the day they got accepted to college and even beyond. As a result, many of our NCAA level athletes return to train with us in the summer. Of the 2021 graduates from our program they had a 100% college placement rate, and will be attending D1 Wrestling programs as preferred varsity recruits at the University of Virginia, LIU, and the University of Michigan. Because of our attention to individuals, recent graduates are competing for and attending; John Hopkins, Northwestern, North Carolina, Franklin and Marshall, Arizona State, NYU, LIU Post, Rhode Island College, Stevens Institute, and more. We are different because we have a passion for instilling dreams and helping to make them reality. It is our goal to positively shape the future of your child’s life. 

The Wrestling Coach in Butler New Jersey

We offer a better training environment than everyone else

Due to the small 12:1 student to coach ratio in our programs, now is the best time for a wrestler to begin their career. Special attention is paid to their development and progress throughout the season. While making sure the atmosphere is always upbeat and fun, our program focuses on getting your child enthralled in the sport and loving the self confidence it brings. If they choose to advance levels we can take them from Day 1 to NCAA.

Wrestling Practice in Kinnelon

When and where are practices?

In 2020 we designed and opened a facility in Butler, New Jersey right next to Bloomingdale that caters to small groups with an ultra high level of attention. Our largest practice group is typically 12 kids, with occasional practices sizes of 15-20 for our “club” style practice with more drilling and live. We focus on learning in a small group setting. We offer one on one private lessons, weekend camps, and daily training of small groups. Family discounts are available. Please note each weekend camp is limited to 12 participants. Once full we maintain a waiting list. 

Training locations – 

The Mat Club, 10 Park Place Unit 6B, Butler, NJ 07405 and Rush Mixed Martial Arts in Morristown, NJ

A good Youth Wrestling program boosts confidence and self-esteem.

It is refreshing to conquer new challenges outside of the academic and social groups that often shape our children’s lives during the school year. Therefore kids feel a sense of accomplishment every day during our wrestling practices. The result of learning new skills is increased confidence in your child, and our program is built with this focus in mind. Consequently, the wrestling program instills in your child personal confidence, high self esteem, motor skills, and social skills. These are all designed to help build confidence in their physical fitness and reach excellent long term outcomes.

Have us contact you about training options

We hate spam just as much as you do, so don’t worry we won’t share your information with anyone else. Intake assesments are with a licensed coach and will include a skill assessment designed to place you in the right program.

Training Options


Private Lessons

Coach Jeff is booking Private Lessons now for training at our shared facility at The Mat Club in Butler, New Jersey. 

Because consistency builds success, Private Lessons are currently only offered to students on active memberships for our small group practices.

The Wrestling Coach in Butler New Jersey

Small Groups

Groups are booking now for training at The Mat Club in Butler, New Jersey. Scroll up for upcoming group training options.

Wrestling facility rental in New Jersey shows a wrestling team practicing

Team Practices

Not able to access your schools facility due to Covid restrictions? Contact us to work together and get your team ready to compete

Watching film for wrestling and why its important

Book Mat Time

Get your team mat space at The Mat Club by booking time. Our goal is to democratize access to wrestling mats when you need them most. Mat space is bookable by the hour.

Have us contact you about training options

We hate spam just as much as you do, so don’t worry we won’t share your information with anyone else.