Wrestling for Adults

Be an Athlete Again

At The Wrestling Coach’s Private Academy located in Butler, New Jersey we strive to continually innovate. Coach Jeff Marsh was one of the first coaches for adult wrestling in the United states; specializing in Wrestling for BJJ and Wrestling for MMA. Coach Jeff has trained UFC title contenders, ‘retired’ wrestlers getting back into the sport after years off as well as hundreds of first day adult wrestlers. At our academy we understand the different needs you have in your wrestling journey. All practices are coached off of TWCA’s proven curriculum model. When we first touch base we will discuss your experience and goals and make sure to tailor your training to your needs. 

Be Sports motivated again. It is very hard to stay motivated unless you have something you are striving for. Sometimes stepping back into a team setting and getting back on a wrestling mat is all you need to be motivated again in life. Coming to practice will help you reshape your goals, get your fitness and nutrition in check and overall live a healthier life off the mat by being on it. Getting tired in practice will make you want to live cleaner the rest of the week.

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Adult group

Adult Wrestling

Every Tuesday Night starting on 9/10/2023 in Northern New Jersey

Time: 8:15p 

Training will resume after 9/10/2023

Single Day Pass $40 or Club Membership $49 every two weeks.

Ages 18+. All Skill Levels welcome. Beginner Friendly. Expert Approved.

Four Reasons why adults love wrestling

Read below to find out how wrestling could change your life.

Our Adult Wrestling program is fun

Our adult program is designed to help inspire the motivation you had while on a high school or college sports team. When we finished college sports and tried heading to the regular gym we found our motivation didn’t last but a few weeks. We need sports to stay motivated; and those sports come with team mates that make it fun. Coaches that keep you accountable. And the inherent desire to improve at something and get better. We not only live for sports on the mat, off the mat we do them as well – road and mountain biking, trail running, kayaking, paddle boarding, sailing.

We offer a better training environment than everyone else

Due to the small 12:1 student to coach ratio in our programs, our coaches are there for you to learn. We strive to keep you accountable to showing up for practice, training to be a better you, and making sure you are challenging yourself and growing as an athlete. If you plan to compete, which some students do, then fight or competition prep is something we have world class experience with and can tailer a plan to your needs.

Nothing gets you in shape like wrestling

Our adult program is designed to be safer than high school or college wrestling, yet get you in the kind of shape you dream of. So you feel better in life, we intentionally implement mobility training at the start of every session to help you feel better in your dad to day life. Therefore, your hamstrings aren’t a tight, and your back ache as much. We finish each wrestling practice with a functional strength and conditioning circuit. These circuits are designed to make you a better athlete in the wrestling room and on the tarmac of everyday life.

Adult group


Coming into a new sport or a new gym can be intimidating. We work hard to make the atmosphere at our academy practices as friendly and welcoming as you’d expect from visiting family. There are not shirtless meatheads at our practices. We have respect for everyone, no matter your fitness or skill level. Our coaching is professional and polite. And our instruction does the speaking in the form of our students results. 

Have us contact you about your training needs

We hate spam just as much as you do, so don’t worry we won’t share your information with anyone else. Intake assesments are with a licensed coach and will include a skill assessment designed to place you in the right program.